Birdhouse Build2 – Waldron Will – Saturday, June 21, 9:00am-12:00pm

Jason Yantiss and the community of Waldron, IN continue to be a fantastic example of what can be accomplished when people, passion and planning work together to create something bigger than themselves.  You may have heard it said, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.”  Well a few weeks ago (May 31, 2014) Jason used a little more than a spark with an incredible fireworks show that drew in a crowd of over four thousand people to the town of Waldron, IN.  Check out the Waldron FireWorks Extravaganza

This “spark” has turned into a town revitalization movement that the citizens of Waldron are calling “Waldron Will.”  Jason Yantiss said that “Waldron Will” is about people coming together to do something bigger than themselves and not only create a great place to live, work, play and grow, but also, create engaging opportunities to inspire, mentor and help young people.

If you missed the first Birdhouse Build 1 event, you now have a chance to experience the satisfaction and accomplishment of building your very own birdhouse at “Birdhouse Build 2” Birdhouse Flyer – 06-21-14

Building materials will be provided. Please bring safety glasses.  If you have some tools or specific materials that you would like to incorporate into your birdhouse construction, please bring those with you.

Waldron Restaurant will provide a picnic lunch of pulled pork, chips & water
at noon to participants. If you have any questions please email “Waldron Will” at [email protected]

“These fun filled activities will complement our overall commitment to providing our children with programs that promote educational activities and remind us of the fundamental basics in life and most importantly creating memories that will last a lifetime.”


  • Building birdhouses with kids
  • Weeding and Maintenance of Community Garden (showing young people what is growing and how to take care of a garden)
  • Bridge Repair and Painting (repairing/painting a wooden foot bridge located between the elementary and high school)
  • Reading and playing games with the kids
  • General cleanup and maintenance of the area
  • Building 8 picnic tables, donating some to Waldron Little League, some to the park and science lab
  • Pulled Pork picnic with drinks and chips – provided at no cost, we want to make sure the kids are eating


Food in the park for kids starts next Monday, June 23, 2014.  This program will bring in food every single week day through the summer to feed kids.


  • Built a park and a place for kids play
  • Building picnic tables, providing a place for the kids to sit down, eat and learn
  • Creating the needed infrastructure to bring food in every day

Jason Yantiss stated, “This is no longer a long term goal, it’s a reality.  Of all the things I’ve talked about on the Waldron Will Facebook page… I keep saying this… our children are our primary goal, the most important, eye on the ball, thing…  the tiny – little – faces…  looking to us for purpose, fun, safety, love and support.   And here we are, a movement that began with a a pretty big spark only 4 weeks ago and we’ve done it!  This town has pulled together and they’ve done it!”

Check out the “Waldron Will” facebook page for other events and progress!


What are your thoughts?