FINDING ‘MOMO’ – Good Bye 2013!! Hello 2014!! The First Post from JAPAN

Hello from Japan! It has been a while since the last article. How was your holiday? I got a lot of cards from Shelbyville. I also enjoyed seeing Christmas pictures which my friends posted on Facebook. … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – The story of four Japanese women and RYOBI / An incident made a huge movement

If a single event didn’t happened in the past, the present might be totally different. Every meeting is inevitable so it’s interesting. Brandon Kreinhop is a student in Shelbyville High School. I … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – My Visit to Japanese Class in Shelbyville High School

A lot of Japanese companies are located in Shelbyville. Therefore, many Japanese people live here. Shelbyville also has a sister city in Japan. I think Japan is a familiar country for … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Interview to Derrick Byers who is the Stormwater Utility Director, MS4 Coordinator

I would like to write about the MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) Department. The Department is responsible for the quality of stormwater discharged from the City of Shelbyville. I wrote … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Wastewater Department Tour with Bradley E. Fix who is the Superintendent

We use a lot of water and make a lot of wastewater every day. Perhaps we don’t know where the wastewater goes and how the wastewater becomes clean. When I visited the Wastewater Department plant, I … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Sister City Group from Shizuoka, Japan Stayed in Shelbyville

Sister City group stayed from August 16th to 22nd. This year marks the 25th anniversary between Shelbyville and Shizuoka city (used to be Kambara).  The group was bigger than usual. 15 students and 3 … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Parks & Recreation Department making quality of life better and fun in Shelbyville

The weather this summer has been nice and cool and also hot and fun for the Parks & Recreation Summer Day Camp!  I visited the Shelbyville Parks & Recreation Department and their Summer Day … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – “Japan Revisited” Exhibit and Reception at Grover Museum

On Sunday, July 13th, the Japan Revisited Reception was held at the Grover Museum. Coincidentally this year also marks the 25th anniversary of the mutual association and community exchange between … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Relay For Life at Shelby County Fair Grounds

The Relay For Life event took place at the Shelby County Fairgrounds July 13th–14th. I’d like to explain what Relay For Life is. The following is from a pamphlet explaining the purpose of Relay … [Read more...]

MEETING ‘MOMO’ – John H. Boner Community Center Tour

TO INSPIRE, TO IMPROVE, TO THRIVE TOGETHER Indianapolis’ Near Eastside had several problems of increasing crimes, the lack of affordable housing, financially, health, and so on before. They were … [Read more...]