Community Impact Grant Finalists – Parks & Recreation (and other finalist) BRCF Community Impact Grant Application Video

Thank you Shelbyville, IN Mayor Tom DeBaun for being the “face” of the Shelbyville Parks & Recreation BRCF Community Impact Grant video application. Click on the following link to view Mayor DeBaun’s video as well as the other four finalists: BRCF Community Impact Grant Finalists

BRCF received thirteen grant applications for the Community Impact Grant and we thank and applaud all those involved for their hard work in putting together those applications. We also recognize that a lot of time and effort has gone into the planning and collaborations for these projects. So our hats off to all these groups for their efforts!

The grant applications have all gone through a rigorous review and scoring process by our Grants Committee and our Board of Directors. The five highest scoring applications are now being moved on for review to the ‘brick sponsors’. These donors will have until the end of May to submit their votes to the Foundation for the winning project that will be announced at our annual celebration on Tuesday, June 25th.

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