Flood Waters Recede “UPDATE” – Mayor Tom DeBaun

Local rivers seem to be receding back into their banks and the flood event appears to be coming to an end. Residents may return to their homes once conditions are safe. Please be aware of moving water and the cold conditions. Those homeowners affected by the flood are encouraged to contact the city or county building department in your respective jurisdiction. They can assist you in recovery efforts.

The City avoided a major catastrophe this weekend but there was a monumental amount of work that was completed in anticipation for the worst. The number of volunteers who gave of their time was truly remarkable. Enough cannot be said about this outpouring of community support. Children and adults of all ages gave of their holiday weekend and family commitments to help bag sand, deliver materials and tend to the tedious tasks that are necessary in events like these. A simple thank you does not reflect the amount of gratitude deserving of these efforts.

In addition it is also important to recognize the generosity of local businesses such as Wheeler Block, Shelby Materials, D&D Hunt, La Cap Containers, Rush Shelby Energy, Shelbyville High School, the American Red Cross, the local unit of the Salvation Army, the Shelbyville News and CGS Services. Those businesses provided the materials and manpower needed to give the community every possible advantage in planning and executing a response to the events that were unfolding county wide.

The coordination necessary for the delivery of services during the weekend flooding required the time and talents of members of the city and county public safety agencies, street departments, volunteer fire departments, engineering, storm water, waste water, building and planning personnel and the County Commissioners. All of the necessary tasks were organized by the local EMS Coordinator who also provided the main point of contact for the public. Thank you one and all for your service.

Thank you everyone who worked to minimize the damages and loss that were suffered. Public and private cooperation was truly the key difference between an organized preplanned response and a poorly executed, reactive response.

Thank you,

Tom DeBaun


City of Shelbyville

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