Manufacturing Skills Connection (MSC) Has Taken Off!

Manufacturing Skills Connection (MSC) has taken off and is reaching a full head of steam!  The support for the initiative from the Shelby County community and multiple business partners has been fantastic.  This email is the first of many updates that you will see as we reach important milestones, add partners, graduate future employees, and celebrate successes.

  • Check our website at  It has been greatly improved and continues to improve as new ideas and new successes are celebrated.  This website is the primary way for future students to apply for their free scholarship and for future partners to learn more about MSC.  Talk it up!  Share the link with other manufacturing and industrial businesses to encourage them to be a part of this important initiative.  Feel free to share the attachment with any prospective partners.

Special thanks to Rob Nolley for volunteering his time to create and update the website!

  • After a few weather-related hiccups, we have started our first class of students working toward their MSSC Certified Production Technician certification.  Business partners are encouraged to stop in and say “Hi” to your future pool of employee candidates.  Classes started March 17th and are running Monday-Friday, 8:00am-Noon and will run for 8 weeks.  Our first graduation will be in mid-May (more details on this in a later update).  This session’s instructor is Jerry Alexander.  The Program Manager is Ivy Tech Corporate College’s Larry Depersia ([email protected]).  Classes are held at the Ivy Tech campus in Shelbyville.
  • Attention Business Partners:  You may be contacted by Jerry Alexander or Larry Depersia to arrange a tour of your facility.  These tours are critical to ensuring that students understand the jobs that they will be applying for and provide an opportunity for YOU to meet the students.  Your participation is appreciated!
  • To-date we have six Business Partners that have stepped up to support and take advantage of MSC.  Many thanks to all of you!
    • Ryobi
    • Makuta Technics
    • PMC Smart Solutions
    • Indiana Precision Forge
    • VIP Tooling
    • O’Neal Steel
  • The initiative wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the support of all of the community and education partners.  Several represent the MSC Core Team responsible for organizing and putting MSC into action.  The list is growing…
    • Duke Energy Foundation (they have provided the financial support and impetus to get MSC off the ground!) (Cathy Wenning – Core Team Member)
    • City of Shelbyville (special thanks to Mayor DeBaun!) (Tom DeBaun – Core Team Member)
    • Shelby County Development Corporation (Dan Theobald and Debra Tracy – Core Team Members)
    • Shelby County Chamber of Commerce (Julie Metz – Core Team Member)
    • Region 5 WorkOne (Lance Ratliff, Jim Spence, Tony Collier – Core Team Members)
    • Ivy Tech Corporate College (Craig Lamb, Stephanie Kaye Taylor, Bob Calliotte, Larry Depersia – Core Team Members)
    • Blue River Career Center (Angie Steineker – Core Team Member)
  • MSC was well-represented at the 2014 Trade Fair sponsored by the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.  By all accounts, the attendance at the Fair was strong and interest in Manufacturing Skills Connection was fantastic.  See the attached picture or our booth featuring Core Team Members Jim Spence, Debra Tracy, and Tony Collier.  Also working the booth was Bob Calliotte with Ivy Tech Corporate College.

That’s it for now.  Future updates will cover new partners, graduations, hiring fairs and expansions of the initiative.

Thank you for your support!

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2014 MSC Employer Partnership Agreement Form

Cover Photo Left to Right: James Spence, WorkOne Central, Debra Tracy, Shelby County Development Corp., Tony Collier, WorkOne Shelby County