MEETING ‘MOMO’ – City of Shelbyville Government Day Lunch and Bike Rodeo

On Friday June 21st, Mayor Tom DeBaun and the City of Shelbyville employees hosted a “FREE LUNCH” witch included a hotdog and chips with a drink at Downtown Shelbyville Public Square.

When a bunch of kids from the Parks Department summer day camp combined with the City of Shelbyville employees, get together this is a very busy group! It’s very American for me from Japan to have a hot dog, chips and coke. I guess ketchup for American people is like soy sauce for Japanese people.

IMG_2498 IMG_2511 IMG_2508

At 2:00pm, some people joined the Mayor for the Mayor’s Bike Ride. They began to ride on the Downtown Circle and traveled to Blue River Memorial Park, and then returned to the Circle.

IMG_2515 IMG_2518 IMG_2517

I always see the City of Shelbyville employees working in City Hall. So it was a rare opportunity to see them make hot dogs and serve them. It was nice to see Suzan, who is the Mayor’s secretary and always helps me a lot, serving for everyone at the day and Rob Springer, who is my supervisor ride a bike!

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6月21日、先週の金曜日はGovernment Dayでした。市長のTom Debaunと市の職員たちが無料でホットドッグ、チップス、ドリンクのランチを提供しました。




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