MEETING ‘MOMO’ – June Bug Jamboree

The June Bug Jamboree was held on Sunday, June 2, 2013 in Shelbyville, IN.  It was hosted by the White River Sound Chorus and The Bicycle Shop of Shelbyville, IN.

The registration was from 8:00-10:00 am at Shelbyville High School. The fee was $25 for individual and $55 for the family. So it was a nice event to spend time with family. About 100 people participated in the event. There were 3 different loops. The longest loop was 100 mile. 25 and 55 miles were also available. Participants chose one and rode.

JBJ 9 JBJ 2 JBJ 18 JBJ 1

At every SAG (Support And Gear)stop, riders rested and gained energy eating homemade cookies and other healthy snacks.  Riders could also enjoy singing entertainment which White River Sound bike rallies are famous for.

JBJ 17 JBJ 8 JBJ 13 JBJ 5

I (Momo) was waiting for the riders at the Tour of Italy, one of the SAGs. The first rider was Dam Diersing who lives in Franklin, IN. The Tour of Italy offered free Spaghetti to every rider (So…Spaghetti As Gas! That’s SAG!). I didn’t ride, but I also had free spaghetti! Some riders looked a little tired but also looked to be having fun. It was sunny and cool during the day, so the weather was perfect to ride.  Shelbyville, IN Mayor, Tom DeBaun also rode. He is always dressed in formal style when I see him in City Hall. So I noticed when the owner, Jim talked to him. I like his rider style too!

JBJ 4 JBJ 12 JBJ 6 JBJ 10

A portion of the proceeds from the June Bug Jamboree is donated to the teachers of Loper Elementary School to help stock their class rooms with much-needed supplies. Everyone enjoyed riding and will help support teachers and make the children’s school environment better. What a great event!

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6月2日(日)、June Bug Jamboreeというサイクリングイベントが行われました。このイベントはWhite River Sound ChorusとBicycle Shop of Shelbyvilleによって開催されました。


SAGと呼ばれる休憩所のような場所がいくつか設けられ、ここで、White River Sound bike ralliesのホームメイドクッキーや歌のパフォーマンスを楽しみながら、ライダーたちは休憩をとり、栄養補給を行いました。

私はSAGの1つであったTour of Italyでライダーたちを待っていました。ここのSAGに初めて到着したライダーはフランクリンに住むDam Diersingさん(3段目1番左の写真)。Tour of Italyでは無料のスパゲッティがライダーたちにふるまわれました。だからTour of ItalyでのSAGの意味はSpaghetti As Gasですかね…(笑)ちなみに私もちゃっかりスパゲッティを頂きました!笑

少し疲れているように見える参加者もいましたが、皆さんとても楽しんでいるように見えました。昨日は晴天でしたが涼しく、絶好のサイクリング日和でした。このイベントには市長のTomも参加しました。いつもCity Hallで会うときはスーツ姿なので、オーナーのJimが話しかけるまで私はTomだと気づきませんでした。でも、ライダー姿の市長さんもとってもかっこ良かったです!

このイベントの収益の一部はLoper Rlementary Schoolの先生方が授業に必要な備品を手助けするために寄付されます。みんながサイクリングを楽しむことで、先生の授業を助け、子どもたちの学校環境をより良くすることができる。とっても素晴らしいイベントですね!

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