MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Tour of Italy

Tour of Italy is an Italian restaurant in Public Square of Shelbyville, IN. The owner is Jim who is fun to be with.

On a sunny day, you can have a good time with good Italian food outside. The atmosphere makes your meal more enjoyable. I ordered from the lunch menu and had a half of spaghetti with homemade sauce and a half of salad with Italian dressing. These were amazing! The pasta comes with garlic bread and I like to have it with the sauce. The sauce is my favorite! So good!

You can also enjoy a conversation with the owner, Jim. He has had a lot of travels around the world. He taught English in China for more than a year, studied sculpture in France for a summer and toured Italy extensively studying Italian food. He had many experiences in various countries.
Many Japanese people live in Shelbyville and he has a lot of Japanese customers. So he is learning Japanese words. I am his Japanese teacher and he is my English teacher!

Tour of Italy 1 IMG_2008 IMG_2009


Tour of ItalyはShelbyville(IN)のPublic Squareにあるイタリアンレストランです。オーナーはJimという、一緒にいてとっても楽しい人です。


Tour of Italyに行けば、食事だけでなく、オーナーのJimとの楽しい会話も楽しむことができます。彼は世界中をたくさん旅しています。中国では約1年間英語を教えていて、フランスでは夏に彫刻を学び、イタリアでは旅をしながら料理を学んでいました。いろんな国でたくさんの経験をしています。


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