MEETING ‘MOMO’ – Why I like Shelbyville

I have a lot of things which I don’t know yet in Shelbyville so sometimes I walk downtown by myself. Walking around with the Historic Walking Tour map and MAINSTREET SHELBYVILLE map (You can get them in the City Hall!), many people who go by say hi to me. I was so glad. I think it is one of the best things of Shelbyville. It makes me feel like I am very welcomed. The people in Shelbyville are really friendly and kind to outside people.

A Japanese woman who has lived here for three years said she was glad that some high school students who take Japanese class tried to talk to her in Japanese. The other day I visited elementary school in Shelbyville at lunch time, before when I realized it, I was surrounded by many students and everyone talked to me very friendly. A girl said “I like your T-shirt!” and a boy said “konnichiwa!” that means “hi” in Japanese. I was so glad.

She also said she likes the sunrise and the sunset. I like them too. Yesterday I saw the sunset as I was driving on the way home. The sun was orange-red and so beautiful. I also like the view of the open ground corn field in Shelbyville. Driving the road between the corn fields my mind becomes opened.

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And there’s lots of nature here. Various kinds of living things are around the house where I’m staying. One day I found a nest from the window in the house. At the beginning, four little birds were so tiny and the parent birds always feed them. Within two weeks they had grown up very fast and the day before yesterday they left from the nest. When I found the empty nest, I was a little sad. But I was moved that they became independent after only two weeks. These two weeks I lived by myself and this is my first experience because I lived in Japan with my family. I have become more independent like the four birds.

I’m enjoying my life in Shelbyville now. Every time I communicate with the people here, they make me happy and I appreciate them letting me stay here and giving this opportunity to learn about Shelbyville.

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  1. Yes indeed, walking around the city/town centers or historic downtowns of cities and towns is the very best way to feel the heart/pulse of these places, either what they are now or what they used to be, and start getting to know them. And you also mentioned that you like driving on the roads between the corn fields. How about bicycling on them? Have you had a chance to do this yet? I cycle these roads quite often and especially enjoy the evening sky/cloudscapes while riding. I love cycling and walking.

    • Momoco Shiosaka says:

      I haven’t had a chance to cycle yet because I don’t have a bicycle. But it sounds fun! I like Shelbyville very much. The best is the people.

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