New Shelbyville Public Utility Bill Design & Format


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Shelbyville Public Utility New Bill Format

The Shelbyville Public Utility Office is excited to announce that public utility bills will have a newly formatted design that will be more user-friendly and efficient for the City of Shelbyville customers and the public utilities office.

Customers of the City of Shelbyville Public Utility Office can expect to see this newly formatted design on their February bill.  The new bill design will be in letter format with a return envelop rather than the pressure sealed bill that has been previously used.  This redesign is in direct response to several complaints regarding problems caused by the glue used in the pressure sealed return envelopes.

The City has decided to contract with Boyce Systems of Daleville, Indiana to print and ship future bills.  This decision was based on a long-term analysis of the cost to the City for printing and sending out bills.  The determining factor and greatest benefit was the cost savings that will occur through eliminating the need for printing and sealing equipment.

Only the newly formatted design has changed, everything else regarding your public utility bills and payments will remain the same.  You may continue to pay your bill with the following options:

  • Pay in person on the first floor of City Hall, 44 West Washington Street
  • Drop your payment off in the City Hall after hours box located on West Franklin Street
  • Pay your bill online
  • Mail your bill to The Shelbyville Public Utility  Office:  44 West Washington Street

The City will continue to control the billing calculations.  Please continue to contact the Public Utility Office, 317-392-5104 with any questions regarding your bill.  The City expects the first round of bills reflecting the newly formatted design to go out the week of February 17, 2014.  As in the past, bills will be due by the 7th of the following month.  If the 7th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill will be due the next business day.

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