NOTICE TO RESIDENTS – YARD WASTE – Monday, April 14th, 2014


I would like to inform all residents that the City of Shelbyville will start picking up yard waste on residents’ regular trash days on Monday, April 14th, 2014.  Your yard waste must be put in containers that are clearly marked “yard waste” and that are visible to the truck driver or employees from the street or alley.  No regular trash can be put in these yard waste containers.

No yard waste can be put in plastic bags.  Small limbs and brush that is cut so it does not exceed four feet in length, and is neatly stacked and tied in small piles so that it can be easily picked up, can be placed beside your trash or yard waste containers for pick up.  Yard waste will be picked up on the same day as your regular trash.

Larger limbs and brush that is cut or picked up by the resident can be neatly placed between the curb and sidewalk in piles that are not over 3 feet high and no longer than 15 feet in length and do not cause any problem with the street or sidewalk traffic.  Please keep yard waste piles to a reasonable size; if it will take our workers longer than 15 minutes to collect, then the pile is too large.

When the resident has the large limb and brush pile ready for pick up, he/she can call Ashley Huntsman at 392-5169, and have his/her address put on a chipper list at the City Garage for pickup. If your brush pile is too large or is not neatly and properly stacked, the Street Department will not pick it up.

The City Street Department will not pick up any limbs or brush that was done for hire.  These will be the total responsibility of the resident or property owner to dispose of. This service is mainly to help residents after high winds, storms or minor trimming, not a tree removal chipper service.

Stickers labeled “Yard Waste” are available at the Street Department for $1.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Ashley Huntsman at 392-5169.

Jennifer Jones, Street Commissioner

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