Ruperts Kids Ribbon Cutting – Downtown Broadway Street Shelbyville, IN

Shelbyville News Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 2:46 pm
In Rupert Boneham’s estimation, teaching young people the value of work provides a lot more benefit than sending them to jail.
He’s optimistic that bringing Rupert’s Kids to Shelbyville can have a wide-ranging positive impact on the community.
“Instead of thinking about building more prisons, (we’re) putting more people back to work, teaching our young men and women how to make that legal living, giving them that sense of self-worth,” Boneham said at Monday’s ribbon-cutting for the new headquarters for Rupert’s Kids, at 26 West Broadway.
He touted the projects already underway in Shelbyville, including house rehabilitations on Morris Avenue, Miller Avenue and Franklin Street.
“The house on Morris is going to be done within a few weeks by these young men you see running around here,” Boneham said, referring to some of those working in the Rupert’s Kid program.
Boneham also said plans for the location on West Broadway include a community center as well a garage, a machine shop and a tool shop where young men and women will learn job skills.
“We’re going to teach our young men and women in Shelbyville how there are plenty of jobs around in Shelbyville. And if you can’t find your own job, I’m going to show you how to create your company so you can hire your friends too,” he said. “We’re going to create more and more resources for the community.”
Boneham also talked about reasons for bringing Rupert’s Kids to Shelbyville.
“For 20 years, we’ve been running this same program in Marion County, Hamilton County. But they are so tied to creating a bigger detention center because it generates so much income for the community,” he said. “Here in Shelbyville, before we get to that point, we need to start showing we can generate the same income by putting the people out to work, not sitting them in a jail cell.”
Andy Proffet is a staff writer for The Shelbyville News. Follow him on Twitter @AndyProffetTSN.

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