Shelbyville Public Utilities

Shelbyville Public Utilities OfficeShelbyville Public Utilities Office

Shelbyville Public Utilities Office

Office hours are 8a to 4p Monday thru Friday.  We have an after hours deposit box located on the curb behind city hall on W Franklin St.

We offer online bill pay through the City of Shelbyville website,  There you can pay online for a small fee and they can also sign up for paperless billing by opting in and will receive their bill by email.

We do not accept payments over phone but we do accept credit/debit, Visa or Mastercard cards within the office.  We also offer to customers direct debit in which they sign a form and give bank information . On the 25th of each month we will run our direct debit program to pay their bill for the ones who have requested us to do so.

Bills are due the 7th of every month.  If the 7th lands on a weekend or holiday, we will give all day the next business day a chance for them to pay without penalty.

Bills are calculated each month on the previous months water readings.  Residents get a summer average starting July-Nov billing.  The water usage from December billing of previous year through June billing of current year and averaged and used unless higher than their current actual usages.  This helps the people who water lawns, gardens, fill pools etc.

If customer discovers a leak and is credited by water company, our office credits the gallons the water company credits the customer.

Office Manager: Beth Corley