Shelbyville Street Department

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About the Department

The Shelbyville Street Department provides many services to the residents of Shelbyville.  We provide weekly trash collection, yard waste collection, a chipper service, 2 yearly heavy clean ups, snow removal, road maintenance (pot hole repair, paving, patch work, etc.) a yearly sidewalk repair program, we maintain over 1,000 street signs, paint curbs and parking areas, and provide mechanical work for our department of over 40 vehicles and for the police department, city hall and sometimes Parks Department.

We also offer mulch during the spring and summer months (available to all city and county residents) and we offer a drop off site for electronics (for city residents only).  Both of these programs are in conjunction with the Shelby County Solid Waste District.

We take care of maintaining the storm sewers in conjunction with the MS4 department and the sweeping of the streets.

During the summer-fall seasons, we mow all of the abandoned properties in town (usually 100+ properties) and we also have 24 other areas we mow including Progress Parkway.

Street Commissioner: Jennifer Jones
Supervisor: Rick Wickliff
Lead Mechanic: Steve Piercy
Administrative Assistant: Ashley Huntsman
Phone: 317-392-5169