Shelbyville Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Has a New Name (WRRF)…

As of January 1st, the Shelbyville Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) will be called the Shelbyville Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).

The Water Environment Federation formally began using the term, water resource recovery facility, in place of waste water treatment plant and other conventional names. It focuses on the products and benefits of treatment rather than the waste coming into the facilities.

You will notice the name change on all WRRF logos, phone/email greetings, and anywhere else the original name may appear.

We capture the methane gas produced off the treatment of the biosolids and use it to heat the biosolids. We land apply the biosolids to farm ground in Shelby County as use as a fertilizer. We use the clean water in our facility as wash down water and irrigation water.

We are considering capturing the phosphorus for re-sale in the future and possibly other nutrients that are in the water that comes into the facility for treatment. Water is a renewable resource. It is the same water we have had for over a billion years. And the only water we will ever have.

Water is a valuable resource. We cannot live without it.


Bradley E. Fix
Shelbyville Water Resource Recovery Facility
775 W. Boggstown Road
Shelbyville, IN 46176


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