Shelbyville Wastewater Treatment

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About the Department

The Shelbyville Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat a flow of 8.0 MGD (Million Gallons Day) with a 16.0 MGD peak flow.

The wastewater enters the plant from two main pumping stations. One pump station handles the flow from the north side of the Big Blue River, including the Northridge Industrial Park. This lift station was relocated and constructed in 1988 and upgraded in 2001. Three smaller pump stations pump into it.

The other pump station is Conrey Street Pump Station. All domestic and industrial wastewater from south of Big Blue River flow through this pumping station before entering the plant. Before entering this pump station, the wastewater may come from over seventy-five miles of sewers and five other smaller lift stations.

Superintendent: Bradley Fix
Wastewater Foreman:  James L. Vierling
O & M Team Leader:  Leon Watson
Administrative Assistant:  Bronda Vierling
Lab Manager:  Michele Higdon