The Cost & Benefit(s) of Promoting Shelbyville, IN/Shelby County

You might be asking yourself what is Savor Indiana and Extraordinary Indiana? How can these promotional videos really have a long long-term impact and help the City of Shelbyville and Shelby County grow and develop. After a couple of initial meetings with Greg Williams from Associated Images many of my questions were answered and I became very excited about the potential to market the City of Shelbyville and Shelby County in a unique and educational way. These targeted episodes would not only have a very broad reach beyond our county and state but also equip us with valuable “re-usable” video footage showing off the quality of life and potential of our city and county. We would also be able to highlight and promote businesses and industries that can be used in a number of creative and lucrative ways. The initial cost to the city and county is not a lot when you take into consideration the long-term usability and valuable impact of what we would get in return. Not to mention the national exposure and educational material.

Some of the key benefits that got my attention are the following:

1.All the episodes that are created highlighting Shelby County quality of life and Industry will be edited into educational videos that can be used in our schools, for job recruitment and training.

2.The City and County will own all the raw footage and be able to use at their discretion.

3.The educational videos will be invaluable to further Shelbyville, IN Mayor Tom DeBaun’s collaborative efforts to come up with creative solutions to address the education industry gap and continue to build a solid bridge for students, citizens, leaders and businesses to connect, grow and help one another.

Click on the following link to watch a short video clip and get more information about this unique opportunity, what it will cost and how you can participate:

SAVOR INDIANA is an economic-development, half-hour television series airing on PBS that profiles businesses and individuals who add substantially to the quality of life in Communities, like Shelby County, through Culinary Tourism, Destination Shopping, the Arts, Nature, Sports & Historic venues. By viewing the amenities that attract tourists, decision-makers also find the amenities that are enjoyed by talented, well-educated, creative people needed for employment at area businesses.

EXTRAORDINARY INDIANA is designed to complement SAVOR INDIANA by telling the stories of Shelby County’s indomitable Businesses and Entrepreneurs. The primary audience is PBS television viewers throughout the state of Indiana, with major emphasis on the Chicago market, broadcasting to 3.4 million

Together SAVOR INDIANA & EXTRAORDINARY INDIANA constitute a full hour of PBS Television programming. The premise of the two-part series is the:

  • Promotion of job growth, through discussions by Community and Business problem-solvers,
  • Attraction of new businesses and talented individuals, and
  • Retention of businesses and individuals through efforts to publicize quality-of-life amenities.

Through the Indiana PBS network, these series are broadcast, not just passively web-streamed, for potentially more than 16,500,000 TV Household impressions per week, throughout Indiana, into Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan and directly into the Chicago television market.

Segments from both television series will be available for use by community leaders and investor partners for their own branding, marketing, promotion, economic development, and other uses.

Organizations who participate in the initial funding are eligible to place PBS-style ads in the shows’ broadcasts and Video-On-Demand airings as listed in the 2013 Advertising Opportunities page.

Rob Springer

Director of Redevelopment

City of Shelbyville, IN


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