Working Together to Save Lives – The role everyone has during hazardous weather

Working Together to Save Lives – Last year, 40 tornadoes struck communities across Indiana.

In 2012 Henryville, Indiana was hit by a devastating killer tornado. In 2011, Indiana saw a record 72 tornadoes. Too often warnings go unheeded, are not heard, or people don’t know where to safely shelter. The National Weather Service, working with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), other state and local officials, the American Red Cross, and our partners in the media, is committed to protecting life and property when weather threatens.

The following is a brief summary of the role everyone has during hazardous weather:


  • Must remain weather aware using NOAA
  • All Hazards radio or a source relaying NWS information on TV, radio, or electronic devices
  • Seek safe shelter when weather threatens or a warning is issued for you
  • Follow shelter or evacuation guidance if you are in a public building
  • Notify authorities if you see a tornado, observe damage or sustain injuries

The National Weather Service:

  • Provides education material on weather hazards and weather safety plans
  • Is the official source for severe weather watches and warnings
  • Uses NOAA All Hazards radio and the Emergency Alert System to notify everybody of hazardous events and to take safe action immediately
  • Collaborates with partners, before during and after disasters
  • Assesses tornado and other storm related damage

IDHS, State and Local Public Officials and the American Red Cross:

  • Plan for, exercise for, and respond to extreme weather events
  • Relay National Weather Service warnings through local warning systems
  • Facilitate coordinated response and recovery efforts after disasters
  • Assist in damage assessment and procuring Federal Disaster Declarations and Federal Disaster Relief
  • Promote Disaster Supply Kits that can be used for any hazardous event

The Media:

  • Broadcasts National Weather Service watches and warnings
  • Relays storm reports confirming dangerous weather conditions
  • Reports on response and recovery efforts and available assistance

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